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This is a country band band I am blessed to play in. Most of the embers are form another gourd that was called Jug, thats right Jug. The concept of this band comes from the fact that when we started Jug we were one of a very small handful of country bands in the Twin Cities and prided ourselves on learning all of the newest country hits on the radio, even before they were hits, lol.

Well to make a long story short, over a few short years an influx of country bands popped up and country music became the most listened to music in the USA once again. We pretty much learned those new tunes right from the get go then we kept playing those tunes for what has now been several years, enough years to where we are playing classic country, LOL.

So that what we do:)


Pure Country Gold is a group of guys who are keeping it real, some might say real old but they refer to it as real gold. With so much attention on “new country” what ever that means, the men of Pure Country Gold (PCG) have chosen a slightly more classic approach to their finely tuned set list. Playing songs that can take you back a few years or even decades to a simpler time, a simpler place, and a simpler music. Music that was about the story and the song and not so much about the bdonka donk.

Although you will not hear them playing the next stomp happy Luke Bryan hit (FOR SURE!) you will hear them playing that good old George Straight, George Jones, Merle Haggard, or Vince Gill tune that you haven’t heard in a few years or may even have forgotten about.

With spectacular three and four-part harmony and an incredible roster of well seasoned musicians PCG is always a crowd pleaser for your casino, private event, street dance, or rodeo. You will have the sounds of fiddle, steel guitar, telecasters, and banjos taking you on a boot scooting’ line dancing ride that will have you saying, “that song is gold, Pure Country Gold”.


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