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Inspired by the lack of proper representation of Native American people in the mainstream market, Gaga’s Dolls are made to help shine a light on the true dress and heritage of our beautiful people and culture. To many times Native American women are depicted as the “sexy Indian princess” and most of the toys made available follow suit. Our authentic made Native American doll regalia provide a more traditionally accurate depiction of  what Native American women wear and have worn for hundreds of years. Gaga’s Dolls are outfitted with authentic hand made traditional Ho-Chunk style dresses, moccasins, beadwork, and other accessories and are made to proportion. No two outfits are ever the same.

Gaga is a word from the Ho-Chunk language which means Grandmother.

What started as a group of people focused on creating a variety of authentic made clothes and accessories for Native American Dolls has grown into a full blown passion for the process of doll restoration and the community that surrounds it.

It is our goal to provide quality doll parts, tools, and information for the do it yourselfers and restoration community. Although we do offer repair and restoration services we are here to support everyone and will always share secrets, videos, pictures, and any information that can assist you in your project.

You can buy with confidence from us with security and AAA+ customer service guaranteed. We have shipped 100’s products to 100’s of satisfied customers in virtually every state plus Canada & Brazil! Contact Us to read 100’s reviews.


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