Original song "I Will Always Fight" featured in new movie Gift Of Fear

I Will Always Fight written by Corey Rae White and Kalliah Jackson, is the featured song in this amazing new movie, Gift Of Fear, created by On Native Ground Productions. This movie is quickly making its way through the global film festival tour and is winning awards and receiving a lot of well-deserved recognition. Please check back for updates on the journey of this film. It is an enormous honor to be a part of this film, and we are grateful beyond belief to the writers, producers, and directors of this film for choosing our song. The film will be available on global streaming services in the near future. 

First children's book coming out in late March

Corey’s first children’s book, “There’s More To Me Than What You See” follows the story of a multicultural son of a single mother and his journey of recognizing his own skin color and how it affects his ability to connect with others who judge him for it. This book is part of a series that focuses on diversity, inclusion, self-empowerment, and overcoming personal obstacles. Through Kunu’s stories, Corey aims to help children develop the skills to adapt and conquer their fears while promoting healthy self-esteem and personal growth. “There’s More To Me Than What You See” will be available on Amazon KDP in March, be sure stop back for updates and links to where you can purchase.