CRW Productions

CRWPRODUCTIONS.COM Over the last 20+ years Native American owned casinos have become a target rich environment for the entertainment industry, certainly the saving grace to those aging entertainers trying to reconnect with their once younger crowd. All of these new … Continue reading →

Kalliah & Black Water

  I am incredibly privileged to perform regularly with this group of incredibly talented musicians. I met Kalliah about 5 years ago now and we started this project a little over a year ago and have been writing songs with … Continue reading →

Concert & Show Production

A collection of pictures and a couple videos from a few super fun shows that I booked over the last couple years.   長江桂舟 ( 尺五)横掛軸  「若武者」 【1点】nappy【本日20時から全品5%割クーポン【開祭】比較下さい!セール対処商品!フロアスケール 台秤 3トン 3t 1500mm デジタル 計量器 低床式計量器【/最安挑戦】インテリア・家具 サンゲツ 店舗用クッションフロア ナチュラルタイル 色番CM-2245 サイズ 200cm巾×8m京都西川 羽毛ベビー組ふとん スイートベア … Continue reading →

Original Music

Im still trying to figure out how to get this Sound Cloud thing down and will be uploading more music very soon. Also hope to be releasing some samples from the upcoming Kalliah & BlackWater album soon. All of these … Continue reading →

Website Design

This is a handful of websites that I host and have designed for various artists, organizations地紋四具足1.6寸上色(高さ:華鋲55mm火立85mm火舎香炉55mm), and businessesアンティーク シルバー スプーンセット(ゴールドプレート)銀 スプーン セット イギリス walker&hall 食卓 食器 ディナー 食事. I started learning to do my own websites several years ago in an … Continue reading →

Band Videos

These are a few videos I shot and edited for some music friends in the Twin Cities. I have also done a handful of comedy videos, a full length comedy DVD, and some simple promo videos also but the live … Continue reading →

Pure Country Gold Band

This is a country band band I am blessed to play in. Most of the embers are form another gourd that was called Jug, thats right Jug. The concept of this band comes from the fact that when we started … Continue reading →

Gaga’s Dolls

Inspired by the lack of proper representation of Native American people in the mainstream market, Gaga’s Dolls are made to help shine a light on the true dress and heritage of our beautiful people and culture. To many times Native … Continue reading →